Annual Publication of Placement and Carrier Guidance Cell, RTTC - Volume-I, Issue-I, September-2022

The annual placement record at Rangia Teacher Training College can be found on the college’s website under the “Placement Records” page. This page provides statistics and information on the number of graduates who have secured teaching positions through the college’s career services or placement office. This includes the number of graduates who found employment within a certain time frame, the school districts and type of schools that hired them, and the salary and job titles they received. The Career Guidance Cell, also known as the Career Services or Placement Office, is a department within Rangiatt College that helps students and graduates with career planning, job searching, and networking. They may offer services such as resume review, interview preparation, job fairs, and networking events, and may also maintain relationships with school districts to facilitate job opportunities for students and graduates. All the information and the track record of placements are available on this webpage for the reference of students, parents, and the general public.